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The health and wellness industry has been lying to you.

What they won’t tell you

wellness plans/lifestyle changes/diets work a measly 5% of the time

the distribution of carb/fat/protein matters less and less

social connection and enjoyable movement matter more and more

their program cannot possibly work for every human who tries it

what you eat isn’t as important as HOW you eat

There is no one dietary villain

These programs are built on outdated information.

That, ironically, do not contribute to health or wellness.

You don’t need a Paleo or Autoimmune Paleo or LCHF or Keto or Intermittent Fasting or Sugar Free or Raw or Raw Vegan or Organic or GMO free diet to be healthy.

None of these diets have been proven to deliver perfect health.

The wellness industry has contributed to this highly anxious, reductive, nutritionism focused food culture that we find our selves in today.

We’re all so highly anxious and wound up about avoiding disease, getting all our nutrients, living disease free forever, staying at a perfect weight, getting not only the right amount of exercise but the right combination of exercises…

Where has the joy gone??

Deep down you know this. It’s why you decided to come here.

You’re here because you’ve been struggling. You’ve been struggling with your weight, your food choices, your health. No matter what diet you try, you end up putting on weight. No matter how hard you try and avoid your trigger foods, you always end up bingeing on them. No matter what #wellness clan you belong to you can’t help thinking that something isn’t right.

No Green Smoothies is different.

No Green Smoothies is a Health At Every Size ® non-diet aligned private practice that helps humans find nourishment.

We know that there are as many ways of getting good nutrition and having a healthy diet as there are fingerprints. And just like fingerprints no two are going to be the same.

So stick around if you want to learn how to:

Smash your scales and ditch diet culture for good

Give the wellness industry a stiff middle finger

Improve your health by focusing on what really matters

Honor your  body and claim all your thoughts and feelings

Focus on YOU and accept that doing this is not selfish

Embrace your body, exactly as it is right now

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