5 Phrases that need to disappear from your nutritional vocabulary, pronto!

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Here at No Green Smoothies I’m all about dispelling food myths and quelling food fear.

What does the media like to do, however? Amp up the fear and anxiety around food and eating. It’s very easy then, when you see ridiculous articles in the media, to distrust what you think is true. Especially when headlines are always charged with words designed to evoke an emotional response from you. Here are some I have seen recently and why they are just ridiculous words to use to describe food.

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Can we stop giving extreme diets air time please?

Over the weekend a male celebrity hit the news for his miraculous ability to lose a large amount of weight over a short period of time. I’m not going to reveal which celebrity it was or link to any press about it because all the air time this person got was very positive. And that’s a problem. A big problem.

This person lost a lot of weight by starving himself. Literally starving himself.

The first 2 weeks involved drinks tea 3 times a day. Only 3 cups of tea.

In the third week, this was “generously”stretched to half a cucumber and 50g of chicken per day. And that’s it.

Why is it that as a society, we continue to herald weight loss, irrespective of means, in a positive light?

Why is it okay for us to champion this bloke’s weight loss even though he got there by literally starving himself?

The celebrity in question loves it- Doesn’t feel hungry at all, and feels like his head is so much clearer and that his energy levels soared. Oh, and I’m sure all the attention is helping too.

That is interestingly called starvation mode. The bloke’s poor body is just trying to cope with the lack of calories.

final thoughts:

We need to stop praising weight loss efforts that would be considered disordered in thin people.

NGS compilation: what does healthy even mean?

Well, hey there! I thought I would do something a little bit different this week. I’m diving deep into my archives to give you a range of articles that might challenge your perspective on what it means to be healthy. I hope, as you read through these articles you’ll get a sense that “health” and “being healthy” looks a little different to everyone and that that’s okay!

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Why I do what I do


I do what I do because I have seen first hand the damage that diet culture does to mind, body and spirit. I was never satisfied at uni, when we would put hypothetical patients on weight loss diets – what if they are hungry? Would this just be really miserable time for them? Why are we doing this.

 Thank goodness that Fi Sutherland and Sarah Harry from Body Positive Australia swooped in and intervened. I was introduced to Health At Every Size ® and the non-diet approach, and the rest, well is history.

 It can be difficult to wrap your head around what this means, as I’m not in the business of weight loss of meal plans so lets go over a few commonly asked questions.

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