NGS compilation: what does healthy even mean?

Well, hey there! I thought I would do something a little bit different this week. I’m diving deep into my archives to give you a range of articles that might challenge your perspective on what it means to be healthy. I hope, as you read through these articles you’ll get a sense that “health” and “being healthy” looks a little different to everyone and that that’s okay!

PS these include some links to some of my early work, and my writing style has developed quite a bit since then. Don’t judge me too harshly!

Enjoy 🙂

 You can’t tell how healthy someone is by looking at them. Ever.

if you find yourself judging the health of someone when you look at them I want to stop for a moment and consider why you are thinking that. What is it about them that screams ‘healthy’ to you?”

 I’m not anti weight loss, I’m anti weight loss focus

 “Even if the way to “better health” in the short term is a weight loss diet, there’s a very good chance your weight will end up where it is now or higher.”

This cake isn’t unhealthy!

 *Never* having sweets and always depriving yourself of foods that you actually want to eat can be an unhealthy practice just as always having sometimes food can be.”

 My thoughts on meal plans

 “ I think meal plans are tired and are frankly insulting to our profession and to our clients. Dietitians can help with so much more than putting together a meal plan and you deserve better.”

Why 1200 calories a day is not an appropriate goal

“As dietitians we are trained to calculate how much energy a individual might need.The person who actually needs 1200 calories a day is as 50 kg woman who literally does nothing but lie in bed all day.”

 Are you really addicted to sugar?

“Proponents of the quitting sugar movement insist that this inability to stop eating is an addiction and should be dealt with in a similar manner to smoking- quitting cold turkey”




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