This is a fat-talk free zone!

Oh wow, it’s Feb already?! Time flies! Which means that fat-talk free month is here!

Yep, that’s right, the butterfly foundation has dedicated the whole month of February as a fat-talk free zone.

Which is fab, because I for one, had had it with the fat talk!

The issue with fat talk

“Uhhh I’m so ugly, just look at these thighs – I have so much cellulite. Gross”

Popular thought is that, in order to improve our health, we need to be shamed into action. We need an awful situation whether that be loved ones saying “you’ve let yourself go” or the doctor telling you your health problems are a direct consequence of your excess weight (hint: they’re not!) in order to spring into action and make all of these sweeping lifestyle changes.

Hearing negative things or having mean thoughts about your body is supposed to be super motivating.

But it’s actually not.

It’s actually really demotivating and damaging – to both physical and mental health.

Talking badly about yourself actually leads you to feel worse about your “flaws” which research shows us makes us less likely to engage in health behaviours.

Take that every company, TV show, commercial, gym, doctor etc that have tried to shame people into making better health choices. Your hearts probably in the right place, but the research says you’re doing more harm than good!

Yep, engaging in fat talk makes you feel worse, which in turn means you’re less likely to engage in joyful eating and movement.

Double whammy

It’s also re-enforcing the idea that there’s something wrong with your body.

There isn’t.

It’s normal to have cellulite, a soft tummy, boobs of different sizes. It’s completely normal to have skin to grab around your tummy and hips. Unless you’ve been born with wide hips, it’s normal to not have a thing gap.

Your body is not meant to look the same at 55 as it did at 25.

As Sarah from Body Positive Australia puts it, It’s the longest relationship you’re going to have so you may as well enjoy it! And speaking poorly about your body is not what I would call enjoying your body. So lets #losehatenotweight.


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