A lesson in body diversity


 I was in desperate need of some rejuvenation last weekend. I had had a few long, hectic weeks and really just wanted to escape reality for a few hours. So off we went to the beautiful peninsular hot springs in regional Victoria.

What a treat it was. Its beautifully designed -hot, sulfur and mineral rich pools abound, perfect for just sliding in to and melting away. The view of the surrounds is breath taking, also. It certainly is the most relaxing thing I have done in a while. I would highly recommend going if you have half a day to your self.

Being a weekend, the springs were pretty busy. Not that that bothered me as I always find people watching a fascinating pastime. And because I was in a place where everyone was required to be in a bathing suit, it got me thinking. I’m blessed to have access to a delightfully secluded beach so it’s not often I’m around lots of people in their bathing suits (also, such activities usually require me to forgo glasses, and I can’t see very well without them.) So what I really noticed at the hot springs, with lots of people wandering around in their bathing suits, was the sheer diversity of body shapes and sizes.

There were tall bodies, short bodies, thin bodies, curvy bodies and everything in between. flat stomachs, pot bellies, small boobs, big boobs, thigh gaps, cellulite, flabby skin, muscular chests.

And the best part? No one seemed to care that they were in their bathers because everyone else was in their bathers. No one was leering or judging from the comfort of their clothes. It was a really nice atmosphere.

This whole experience also got me thinking about my own Health At Every Size journey and how far I have come in embracing body positivity. Five years ago I would have flat out refused to even go to such a place where I *had* to wear bathers. I would have either not gone (and missed out on all the fun!) or gone and sat in the picnic area for the whole day in all my clothes and insisted that I was having fun (while secretly having a pity party that a) I was missing out on all the fun and b) hating on my body because it wasn’t the *right* shape for bathers) I was very much stuck in the mind set that bikinis were to be worn on some bodies, but not on others and I most definitely did not have a body worthy of putting a bikini on. I’ve since learnt that every body is a bikini body (maybe this is an idea for a future blog post?)

So, if you are looking for a place to relax or want a safe space where you can wear bathers without fear of judgment you really should consider going to these hot springs. I know I certainly will be returning.

photo credit: ThinkGeoEnergy


P.S Part three of my incredibly popular series on why you shouldn’t be eating 1200 calories a day is due out next week! Why not catch up on part one and part two while you wait?


4 thoughts on “A lesson in body diversity

  1. Kim Stanton says:

    Sounds like a lovely way to spend a few hours. I love to rock a bikini and certainly don’t have a ‘bikini’ body.


  2. GlenysO says:

    Looks divine! And yes, places like that are a great reality check. We had a great one in northern California that recently burned down (they are rebuilding) that was clothing optional…now THERE is a fast lesson in body acceptance.


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