Who am I?

 I’m seeing a lot of new faces on my blog and over on my Facebook page so I thought it was time to do a refresher and introduce myself and what I do.

My name is Courtney and I’m very nearly a Dietitian.

I started blogging to do my little bit to push back against the rise of the “insta expert”. You know the one, they post pictures of their bodies, healthy food and their fitness regime to “inspire” you to be healthier. Hmph. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find that very inspiring. I know the word that comes to mind when I see these pictures – inadequate. I look at these impossible pictures of ‘health’ and I feel inadequate next to them. I thought if I feel this way then other people might do too and its something worth writing about. Then I got thinking on what I wanted to write about and all of a sudden *light bulb* it hit me. Health is… whatever you want it to be. So I got writing, trying to keep this idea in mind. And from there my blog slowly but surely started to grow. My little audience grew a little bigger and more people (some I know, some I have never met) starting jumping on. More and more people would reach out to me and what I found is that people really wanted to open up and tell me their stories.

This one really stuck with me.

My friend works as a personal trainer and her boss had this client. This client had lost 8 kg since she had joined this gym. 8kg – wow. This is the part where we probably start celebrating- that’s a great achievement. Then it was this client’s birthday and she came into the bosses office, bawling her eyes out. It turns out her family wanted to take her out for lunch and she was terrified of having to choose something calorie loaded from the menu that she didn’t prepare herself and therefore didn’t have control over. The bosses solution? Just have the salad and get the dressing on the side.

Ummm…? Excuse me?

Another example. A lady was in a weight loss program where there was a weekly weigh in. To make sure she lost weight and got the approval of her friend’s week after week she didn’t eat for 3 days leading up to the weigh in.

I’m here because I think we’ve been focusing too much on the outcome and not thinking enough of the process.

I’m here for the increasingly smaller women who laments her body woes. No matter how small she is there’s always weight to be lost and parts to be made smaller.

I’m here for the people who are anxious around food and spend every waking minute thinking of what they should eat.

I’m here for the woman I overheard at the gym – beating herself up because she had a piece of bread with her eggs for breakfast because she was hungry.

I’m here for the people that ask what exercise they can do to lose the most weight.

I’m here for the people who are told to eat out and get the salad (dressing on the side) rather than enjoying what they want.

So really what I’m trying to say is that I’m here for you. Wherever you are on your health journey I’m here to see that you are supported to make decisions and take actions that are going to work best for you.

When I started blogging I was afraid no one would listen to what I wanted to say, what I felt was vital to let people know. I’ve since found that I’m touching on a part in all of us. We’ve all felt the body image and food pressure and I for one have had enough! I’m calling bullshit. Life’s too short to not enjoy brownies, wine and rest days.


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