Surviving the Silly Season

Ah here we are again… it’s almost Christmas time! Things can get a little hectic at this time of year and it can be easy to lose your self in the noise and busyness of this time of year. It’s always important to look after yourself, but this can get a little tricky as we get closer to Christmas. So here are some tips, No Green Smoothies style, for making sure you’re still looking after number 1.

Enjoyable Movement

If you haven’t heard, the coveted Beach Body has made a return now that its nice and sunny out. News articles and personal trainers are quick to point out how our body is less than ready for a bikini and the beach and how we need to whip it into shape with lots and lots of vigorous exercise.

Aside from the fact that any and all bodies are “beach bodies” its important to make time for enjoyable forms of exercise for the sake of movement.

Don’t move to make up for all the ‘extra’ food you may have eaten. Move because it feels good. Move because it’s sunny out and its nice to spend time in nature. Move because it helps with your stress levels.

You are far more likely to enjoy moving if you think about all the things you are gaining from it, rather than how many calories you are burning. It’s a really nice act of self care to schedule in some active time during the week because being active is an important part of looking after yourself.

And whatever activity you feel like you can manage is fine! Don’t feel like you have to do something every day and if last minute things crop up that’s fine too. Do what works for you.

Decline politely

If your social inbox is anything like mine, its getting pretty full! Between work breakups, family, extended family and social get togethers its really hard to fit them all in around other commitments.

How about asking yourself… “Do I really want to go?”

You do not have to accept and attend every event you get invited to. Really. Invest more energy into the events and people that you really truly care for and don’t feel obligated to say yes to the rest. Quality over quantity.

Mindful Eating

I think there is a real sense of Fear of Missing Out at this time of year. There is such an abundance of special foods that are only available for a short time and this can make eating challenging because no one wants to miss out on anything. It can really help to remember that these special foods will be around next year

Plus, you can feel obligated to eat all the food that is gifted to you. We often feel that turning down a food based gift is rude and hurtful since someone has put time, effort and thought into making you something.

You could try the food they have given you and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat the rest! If you feel pressured to give a response you could always say something like “I really appreciate the effort you went to in making me this gift, it’s so beautifully wrapped! I tried some, but it was too sweet for my liking.”

Another example are Christmas hampers.  You can always take out the food you do like and donate the rest. There are plenty of people who do it rough over Christmas and do not have access to basic food, never mind all the luxuries most of use enjoy at this time of year.

Time out

Taking time out to simple be and do nothing is also really important. It can be useful to block out time in your calendar which is designated “me time”. If this is a new thing for you, it can be scary but its liberating in a way to have this time for yourself that is completely free of obligations.

And most importantly, remember to be kind to your self. It is a hectic, stressful time of year and even with the best of intentions we can all overstretch ourselves. The last thing anyone needs is to beat themselves up over missing the gym or eating too much!


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