3 Reasons You Don’t Need to be on a Diet

  1. Diets are silly

Let’s face it, fad diets of any kind ask us to do some pretty silly things.

Drink lemon juice (an acidic food) in the morning because it will make your blood more alkaline! (That lemon is pretty magically to become less acidic!)

Or make like Dr Atkins and have nothing but some bland protein on the strictest phase of the diet. Not even vegetables.

Fruit anyone? Nope, none at all says Sarah Wilson who claims that to “reset” your system you can’t eat fruit. But you can introduce small amounts once you’ve completed her program.

What about milk? Well only if you want to give yourself osteoporosis says Ashy Bines who claims that none of the calcium from dairy products is absorbed into our bodies. Oh, but you can totally drink Ashy approved protein shakes… which are derived from milk.

And my favorite: Be on the paleo diet and avoid all processed food. Except bacon. Because that makes sense.

How is it that an acidic food becomes less acidic once it is digested?Why should you not eat vegetables? Or fruit? Why should you be avoiding any food for that matter?

We deserve better than this! As intelligent human beings we deserve better than some person who decides we have to needlessly complicate our lives with all their silly diet rules because they have a flat stomach.

  1. You are perfect the way you are

Not one single person on the planet has the “perfect body.” And you know what? That’s okay! You are perfect in your imperfections.

Got cellulite? Who cares! Most woman do. Bits that jiggle? A tummy? Thighs that touch? Thin arms? Thighs that don’t touch? The point I’m trying to make here is that we are all different. And different isn’t bad, it’s just different. It’s about time that we start celebrating our differences instead of tearing each other down for them!

Think about your best friend. I’m willing to bet you didn’t chose to be their friend because they have the shapeliest arms. Or the perkiest bum. Or the shiniest hair. You are their friend because they somehow bring meaning and richness to your life, and you do the same for them. Which brings me to my next point…

  1. You are SO much more than your physical appearance

This is really the crux of my argument here.

We live in a society that puts so much emphasis on the physical appearance. That same society tells us thin people are successful, wealthy, pretty etc.

But let me tell you something: The number on the scales and the size of clothing we wear does not define us. And it is definitely not the sum of us.

Can you play the piano? Write beautiful poetry? Maybe you’re a really positive upbeat person that everyone loves being around. Or you could be really good at getting people through a bad day. People might really admire you because you can cook/sing/dance/paint/draw/garden etc. It can be as simple as having a great taste in shoes.

It doesn’t matter what it is. If there’s one thing I can pass on to you dear readers, it’s this notion that we are more than our physical forms.


It’s International No Diet Day today. This day really resonates with me as this is a core belief of mine- no one should feel the need to go on a diet. Every body is different and unique and it’s about time we as a society start celebrating these differences instead of shaming and berating everyone who doesn’t fit into the “norms.”

This article really sums up why I want to become a dietitian- to spread this beautiful message of body and food positivity. Food is wonderful! It’s meant to be enjoyed and is not something that is meant to be feared or hated because of a dozen different diet “rules.”


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