Be Mindful This Christmas

There’s a week left until the jolly man in the red suit visits and boy do people know it! The shops are crowded, everyone is on edge and we’re all really grumpy at one another.

I don’t have a new topic for you this week, rather a simple question: how can you be mindful this Christmas? There are plenty of ways we can do this, but I want to focus on one specific topic, where some mindfulness can go a long way.

As the debate on the best way to eat rages on, I think it’s a great time of year to remember that we are lucky. Lucky that we have such a choice over what way we chose to eat. Whether your eating habits are vegan, Paleo, sugar free, low FODMAP, gluten free, we all need to acknowledge the fact that we have the finances to eat the way we chose and that we live in such a food secure nation that supports our eating choices. We are lucky we have that. There are plenty of people in your capital city that don’t have this, and while you are arguing for the exclusive use of grass fed beef, there are those who don’t have a supermarket in their suburb. Where it’s much easier to find the closest bottle shop than to hunt for a fresh vegetable.

While you are busy planning your organic Christmas lunch, there are those living in apartments without kitchens. Not to mention the thousands who will wake up on Christmas morning, as they do every morning, on the street.

So in the days leading up to Christmas I would like us to all acknowledge how lucky we are and to give thanks when we get to eat foods that truly align with our food philosophy. And be mindful and respectful of other people’s food choices, especially when they don’t match our own.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year! As next Thursday is Christmas day I won’t be blogging, I will see you in 2015 with a brand new topic.


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