My Wish for 2015

A year is always renowned for something. 2013 was the year of the green smoothie and 2014 has been crowned the “year of mindfulness”- a concept I do support and will be blogging about later. But, I disagree and I’m calling it- 2014 has been the year of ridiculous.

Here are a few examples to illustrate my point:

  1. A certain celebrity chef has taken up waaayy too much time and space on the internet and in the news. From absurd tirades towards organizations with –gasp– nutritional training to campaigning to get fluoride out of our water, this guy is prepared to tear down anything that big bad companies have a finger in. Because a chef is qualified to speak on these matters isn’t he? Time to go, I say!
  2. Last week a toddler died and another four are seriously ill after allegedly drinking raw milk- the sale of which is illegal in Victoria and has been for more than 50 years. Cue Internet melt down about how the health department has it all wrong and raw milk is actually perfectly fine to drink. Pasteurization (aka processing) is the problem they say. I was originally going to make my entire post about this, but it’s been summed up so well already. What a load of crock!
  3. Dietitians ridiculed, abused and told to go back to school after posting photos of breakfast drinks, cereals, sausages-even the humble dip got people really riled up on a recent facebook post. I would be really interested to know what portion of the population we reach with our posts and blogs, but I’d be willing to bet its not the portion that really needs this advice. The reality is that the majority of the population do not have the time, inclination or skills to cook everything from scratch so not one gram of processed food touches their lips. And so part of being a dietitian involves finding the best options out there for people who will eat these products. It’s not their job to tell you not to eat things but to work with you.
  4. Processed anything. As is the case with raw milk, processing is not inherently bad, and this false belief that “raw” or “natural” food must be good for us is getting ridiculous. Yes of course I would prefer you to eat mostly unprocessed food but for god’s sake there is nothing wrong with carrying a muesli or nut bar in your bag for when hunger strikes.

And I’ve saved the best til last:

The height of this ridiculous age has just been reached- mums-to-be refusing tests for gestational diabetes because the test contains sugar.

Yes, you read that right. According to Essential Baby, the move began with American blogger, The Food Babe who first labeled the test as a “toxic drink” and urges her followers to “keep toxic chemicals away from unborn babies”.

Get real, Food Babe.

This is a medical test used for diagnostic purposes to identify mothers with a condition that can be life threatening, if not treated properly.

Gestational Diabetes (GD) carries risks for both mother and child. The baby runs the risk of being large-for-gestational-age which can lead to labor and delivery difficulties and an increase in the need for C-section births. AND are at a greater risk of being obese or having diabetes when they’re older.

Mothers with GD are at a higher risk of developing it again in subsequent pregnancies and are more likely to develop Type Two diabetes later in life.

This is absolutely ridiculous! A simple test is all it takes but because of the perceived “dangers” around having a bit of sugar (on a one off occasion too) babies are potentially being put at risk.

So my wish for 2015 is this:


My wish is that when a dietitian posts a suggestion for a dip on her facebook page, people don’t ridicule her and tell her she’s bad at her job. That people stop thinking they know better. The same goes for mentions of meat, sausages, bread, breakfast cereals.

My wish is that we all just shut up and listen. Listen to those people who have trained for years told hold the prestigious title of Accredited Practicing Dietitian. That we listen to what their expertise has to offer instead of chalking them up to “being in bed” with a food company.

I wish that we can respect that everyone has different views and just because someone posts a picture of a food you don’t eat does give you the right to jump on there and tell them how silly their suggestion is.

Ultimately, my wish is that we can all learn to acknowledge that we are individuals and not one way of eating suits us all. We are all entitled to our opinions-but not all opinions are created equal and just because you wish something to be true doesn’t make it so.

I know that is a pretty improbable wish, but a girl can dream, right?


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