A Healthy Lifestyle-it’s Not a 21-day Challenge

You’ve heard it before- the tantalizing promise that a short, intense program will fix your bad eating habits and have you fit and toned. But what happens when the challenge ends? You go back to your old habits. This is because often these programs are far removed from what is achievable in our busy day to day lives. It could be that you received meal plans for four weeks and are now clueless about how to plan and or shop for your own meals or that a program dictated you buy expensive ingredients which just isn’t financially sustainable for you.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t something that you “stop”, it’s a constant work in progress. It requires commitment, time, patience and a positive mindset.

I’m very excited to be bringing you a unique blogging format here at nogreensmoothies. I’ll be blogging every Thursday in what I call “blocks”. A block will last three weeks and will cover one topic. Yes, just one topic. Why? I really want to delve deeply into a topic and really explore it so you come away with the best possible understanding of a topic. So at the end of each topic, you will have a lovely three part series to look back on, and possibly a summary as well, we’ll see how we go.

As we progress through the topics, you will have a whole host of resources available to you so that you can lead your healthy lifestyle. And every single post will re enforce the concept I introduced in my first post- healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard!

Since my background is in nutrition, that’s mainly where my focus will be. But that doesn’t mean that I will neglect the importance of physical activity and a healthy mind as these things all interconnect and it’s important to consider them all for good health.

Got a suggestion for a topic? I would love to hear what you want to learn about so leave a comment-after all this is all about you!

Don’t forget to come back next Thursday for the first block-vegetables!


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